Transport in ref-containers

Перевозки в рефконтейнерах
Delivery by ref-containers.   NicoleTransCargo company is ready to offer logistics of not simple cargoes, import of products in the mode of deep freezing — 18 degrees below zero. The list of such cargoes is wide: vegetables, berries, fish, seafood,...
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International delivery of oversize by land

Автоперевозка негабарита из Европы
Road haulage of oversize cargo from Europe.   NicoleTransCargo company for many years successfully operates business in the field of cargo transportation. Adjusting to the growing demand, we offer the transportation of oversized cargo on any routes in a short...
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Groupage cargo from Europe

Сборные грузы из Европы
Delivery of groupage cargo from Europe.   When delivering European goods, there may be a question related to the transportation of small volume, how is this best done? NicoleTransCargo company on the movement of such goods to Russia from Europe...
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International container shipping

Контейнерные перевозки
International container transportation of goods. NicoleTransCargo company has proven itself as one of the best companies engaged in international container shipping of various cubic capacity, including ref-containers. Container transportation of cargo on international routes in any direction is our benefit....
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Exports from Russia to Europe

Export of Goods from Russia We offer the service on export of raw materials and finished goods from Russia to Europe and the Baltic states. Export shipments can be made by road or in containers by rail. In the Baltic...
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