Trading House

Procurement and logistics

  Trading HouseAlso is a big part of our main company. We provide procurement activities for the clients of our holding. Our main tasks are: purchase the goods abroad, their delivery and customs clearance with next sale to the customer. In addition to basic services, we are pleased to offer our clients the certification of goods , consolidation and safekeeping as in Russia and abroad. These tasks are performed by our employees with the highest qualification and controlled by the management that allows the client to be aware of the 24-hour events and receive timely information and all the details of what is happening.    

Advantages of working with us:

The specialists of our company will negotiate with manufactures and suppliers.
  • You will not need to do a contract and open a transaction passport.
  • We will make your own documents and then will cooperate with the customs department without your participation.
  • The certification will be done very quickly and cheaply
  • The amount of customs payment will be without balances in Federal Customs Department
  • In the hands of single operator is responsibility of purchase, delivery and customs clearance
  • An opportunity to plan deadline for receipt of goods
  • The main manager
  • When amount of the contract will be agreed, it remains unchanged
  • After custom clearance of the goods we will give you the originals of documents.