Groupage cargo from Europe

Сборные грузы из Европы

Delivery of groupage cargo from Europe.

  When delivering European goods, there may be a question related to the transportation of small volume, how is this best done? NicoleTransCargo company on the movement of such goods to Russia from Europe suggests two ways:
  1. «Consolidated cargo». This method allows you to reduce the cost of transportation, but increases the delivery time. First, — the cargo passes several transit warehouses and is delivered by several types of vehicles, which allows to reduce the cost of transportation. Secondly, it is transportation for standard cargoes that do not require special transportation conditions. The third — a long period of transportation, up to 12-20 days, depending on many factors. Therefore you should decide what factors and conditions are most important for you.
  2. Transportation in cars of small carrying capacity. Besides the price, this method is much preferable, since it doesn’t have all the mentioned aspects. We offer a wide fleet of trucks with a small tonnage — from 1 to 5 tons, with a volume of 8 — 45 cubic meters. The cargo is loaded by the sender and is accepted by the consignee, in other words is delivered from door to door. The transit time for such transportation is 5 — 10 days.

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